Allen&Heath Avantis dPack software package digitalni mikser sa softverom dPack

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Avantis je treći mikser iz Allen&Heath triologije digitalnih mikseta sa 96kHz XCVI FPGA engine tehnologijom. U prelijepo dizajniranom i robusnom metalnom kućištu nalazi snažni 'standalone' mikser najnovije generacije sa 64 kanala, 42 bus izlaza koji se mogu konfigurirati, neiscrpne mogućnosti rutinga ulaznih i izlaznih priključaka (Waves, MADI, Dante, GigaACE, S-Link...), procesing koji je do sada bio dostupan samo za flagship miksere iz D-Live serije, 12 FX slotova s efektima, ukupno 144 fadera (24 u 6 layera), kao i dva pregledna multitouch zaslona u boji veličine 15.6". Ovaj bundle dolazi u kombinaciji s dPack softverom koji se sastoji od pluginova Dyn8, Deep,Dual Stage Valve preamp. Dyn 8 je sofisticirani dinamički procesor koji sadrži mnogobrojne 4 band EQ ekvalizatore i multiband kompresore. Može se insertirati ukupno 16 takvih pluginova na pojedinačne kanale i sume. Deep pluginovi su snažni alat koji će zadovoljiti svačije prohtjeve kada se traže efekti vrhunske klase koji ne crpe procesor miksera, a pritom rade pouzdano bez ikakve latencije. Dual stage valve preamp je vrhunska simulacija 6 cijevnih pretpojačala koji će vokalima i instrumentima dati prepoznatljivu toplinu i muzikalnu kompresiju i distorziju.

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The third mixer based on Allen & Heath’s 96kHz XCVI FPGA engine, Avantis puts Allen & Heath's next-generation technology in a standalone 64 channel / 42 configurable bus console, with dual Full HD touchscreens, extensive I/O options, processing from the company's flagship dLive mixing system, and a rugged full metal chassis. 

96kHz XCVI Core
Avantis is the third console to be powered by the 96kHz XCVI core – pioneered by Allen & Heath using next generation FPGA technology, with parallel virtual processing cores delivering 64 full processing inputs and a configurable 42 bus architecture with phase coherency on all mix outputs. XCVI employs variable bit depth for ultimate precision and noise performance, a 96bit mix bus, and offers ultra-low latency at just 0.7ms.
XCVI also enables DEEP processing, embedding class-leading processing emulations directly within the input and mix channels.
Easy expansion with Everything I/O
Whether you’re an owner/operator looking to build a compact system, or a rental company with existing Allen & Heath stock, the SLink connection on Avantis allows true flexibility by connecting to the entire range of Allen & Heath audio expander hardware. 
There’s also compatibility with our ME Personal Mixer range and our IP hardware remote controllers. 
Continuity UI - Touch the big picture
With a massive 206 square inches of screen space operating at a crisp 1080p Full-HD resolution, Continuity UI allows you to see and instantly interact with more of what matters, enabling a seamless connection between the physical controls and the displays. The faders react on touch to immediately highlight the active channels for instant visual feedback. The channel rotaries let you work gains or pans, then at the touch of a button, dynamically fold the display to show EQ or compressor parameters across the whole bank.  Each screen also features a FastGrab tab on the right-hand side, giving you split-second access to key freely-assignable parameters like aux sends, EQ, compressor and FX on the currently selected or specific channel.  The whole system is set-up to dynamically surface the information you need at any moment and put control right at your fingertips. 
Get dLive Processing with dPack 
Right out of the box, Avantis is loaded with powerful processing tools that will easily meet the demands of most users and applications. Want more options? Upgrade your console to Avantis dPack, and you’ll get additional processing from Allen & Heath’s flagship dLive system, including Dyn8 (up to 16 instances), DEEP Compressors, and the Dual-Stage Valve preamp. Best of all, all future dPack updates will be automatically included, forever and free of charge. 
Full metal chassis
Every part of Avantis is designed in pursuit of performance. Encased in a super-strong, full metal tubular exo-skeleton, Avantis is lightweight and easy to lift but incredibly robust. 
Dante, Waves and more…
Two additional I/O Ports allow Avantis to benefit from the full range of current dLive option cards, including Dante (64x64 and 128x128), Waves, gigaACE, MADI and more, expanding the scope for system integration, FoH / monitor splits and multitrack recording.
For local I/O, Avantis is well equipped with 12 XLR analogue inputs, 12 XLR analogue outputs, plus AES (Stereo In, 2x Stereo Out).
12 RackExtra FX Engines
Allen & Heath has a well-earned reputation for crafting FX emulations that rival the very best third party plug-ins, but with none of the associated hassle. Avantis is armed with 12 stereo FX engines and features the acclaimed RackExtra library of emulations of legendary classic reverbs, gated reverbs, delays, modulators and more. All FX have dedicated stereo returns so you don’t need to waste input channels.


  • 96kHz 64 channel / 42 bus digital mixer
  • XCVI FPGA core with ultra-low latency (0.7ms)
  • Fully configurable mix bus architecture
  • Super-tough, full metal chassis
  • Continuity UI seamlessly connects physical and touchscreen controls for the fastest, most intuitive workflows
  • dPack option adds dLive processing, including 16 Dyn8 engines, plus per-channel zero-latency DEEP Compressors and Dual-Stage Valve preamp
  • 12 RackExtra FX slots with dedicated stereo returns 
  • 16 DCAs 
  • Dual 15.6” Full HD capacitive touchscreens with gesture control
  • AMM (Automatic Mic Mixer) up to 64 channels across 1, 2 or 4 zones
  • Fully assignable layout 
  • 144 fader strips (24 faders, 6 layers) with optional dedicated master section 
  • SLink port for connection to Remote I/O Expanders and the ME Personal Mixing System 
  • 12 analogue XLR Inputs / 12 analogue XLR Outputs 
  • 1 Stereo AES In / 2 Stereo AES Out 
  • 2 I/O Ports, both capable of 128x128 operation at 96kHz – for optional cards inc. Dante, MADI and gigaACE
  • User configurable rotary controls 
  • 24 assignable SoftKeys 
  • Comprehensive metering with multipoint peak detection 
  • USB stereo recording and playback 
  • BNC Word Clock
  • Mic/Line XLR Inputs: Balanced XLR, +48V phantom power
  • Mic/Line Preamp: Fully recallable
  • Input Sensitivity: -60 to +15dBu
  • Analogue Gain: +5 to +60dB, IdB steps
  • Pad: -20dB Active PAD
  • Maximum Input Level: +30dBu (PAD in)
  • Input Impedance: >4kQ (Pad out), >10kQ (Pad in)
  • Mic EIN: -127dB with 1500 source
  • Phantom Power indication: Per socket, internal or external phantom power sensing, triggered at +24V
  • Digital Inputs: AES3 2 Ch XLR, 2.5Vpp balanced terminated 110 0, SRC range 24 bit, 32k - 192kHz, with bypass option
  • Analogue XLR Outputs: Balanced, Relay protected
  • Output Impedance: <750
  • Nominal Output: +4dBu = OdB meter reading
  • Maximum Output Level: +22dBu
  • Residual Output Noise: -95dBu (muted, 22-22kHz), -90dBu (muted, 0-80kHz)
  • Digital Outputs AES3 2 Ch XLR, 2.5Vpp balanced terminated 110 0, 96kHz sampling rate, globally switchable to 48kHz, 44.1kHz
Measured balanced XLR In to XLR Out, 22-40kHz, minimum Gain, Pad out
  • Dynamic Range: 109dB
  • System Signal to Noise: -92dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 30kHz (+0/-0.8dB)
  • THD+N (analogue in to out): 0.0015% @ +16dBu output, 1kHz OdB gain
  • Headroom: + 18dB
  • Internal operating Level: OdBu
  • dBFS Alignment: +18dBu = OdBFS (+22dBu at XLR output)
  • Meter Calibration: OdB meter = -18dBFS (+4dBu at XLR out)
  • Meter Peak indication: -3dBFS (+19dBu at XLR out)
  • Sampling Rate: 96kHz
  • ADC: 32-bit
  • DAC: 32-bit
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 deg C to 40 deg C 32 deg F to 104 deg F
  • Mains Power: 100-240V AC, 50-60HZ, 150W max
  • USB Audio playback: Mono/stereo .WAV files, 16/24bit, 44.1/48/96kHz MP3 files FLAC files
  • USB Audio recording: Stereo .WAV files, 24bit 96kHz

Dimensions and Weights

  • Width x Depth x Height: 917x627x269mm
  • Weight: 26kg

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