Drawmer MC3.1 aktivni monitorski kontroler

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Aktivni monitorski kontroler s pet selektivnih ulaza i tri selektivna izlaza sa subwooferom! Dawmer MC serija monitorskih kontrolera doživila je preobrazbu i neke nove vitalne značajke sa modelom MC3.1. Nadogradnje uključuju cue mix podršku, pet ulaza s digitalnim AES / S/PDIF priključcima, vanjskom talkback funkcijom, nadograđenom Mix Check sekcijom s tri Band Solo prekidača i L-R reverse funkcijom. Kao što i ime govori, Drawmer MC3.1 sadržava izlaze za tri seta stereo zvučnika plus zaduženi subwoofer izlaz. Vrlo brzo možete miksati i kalibrirati sve Vaše zvučnike, s ili bez subwoofera, sve putem prednje kontrolne ploče. Bez obzira na okruženje u kojem radite Drawmer MC3.1 čista signalna putanja i puni set značajki garantiraju Vam bolje iskustvo miksanja i brži rad.

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Hear Your Audio, Not Your Hardware

Drawmer's MC series of monitor controllers gets a tabletob-friendly makeover and some vital new features in the MC3.1. Upgrades include cue mix support, five inputs with digital AES / S/PDIF, external talkback, and an upgraded Mix Check section with three Band Solo switches and L-R reverse. As the name implies, the Drawmer MC3.1 has outputs for three sets of stereo speakers plus a dedicated subwoofer out. You can quickly mix and match all your speakers, with or without the sub, via the front panel. Whatever environment you work in, the Drawmer MC3.1's pure signal path and full feature set are guaranteed to have you on your way to better, faster mixes.

Drawmer MC3.1 Active Monitor Controller at a Glance:

  • Drawmer's best monitor controller yet
  • New tabletop design is easier to get your hands on
  • Calibrated playback level returns your ears to Magnetic North
  • The latest in Drawmer's revered monitoring accuracy

Drawmer's best monitor controller yet

Whatever's ailing your audio mixes, Drawmer's MC3.1 has the cure. It's active circuitry is built transparent so that you hear your music, not your hardware. Audition up to five sources on any or all of your three sets of speakers and sub. Then solo the lows, mids, or highs of your mix and check for phase issues in the Mix Check section. knows audio purists will appreciate the Drawmer MC3.1's relay-based switching system, which defaults to bypassed when switches are out of the loop.

New tabletop design is easier to get your hands on

Drawmer made its newest MC-series controller even easier to get your hands on. has been following the MC3.1 since Musikmesse, and we have to say, we think the wedge design is a big improvement. The front panel is built like a tank, with great-feeling knobs and switches that are built for a lifetime. Color-coded LEDs guide you through the MC3.1's three main sections, which makes it easy to navigate in the dark.

Calibrated playback level returns your ears to Magnetic North

You can calibrate the Drawmer MC3.1's Master Volume to play back material at a set level with the touch of a switch. Find the sweet spot in your room, calibrate the preset, then bring your ears back to harbor whenever you feel your mixes start to drift. Calibration is controlled via a set screw below the panel so you won't accidentally bump it unless you're really trying.

The latest in Drawmer's revered monitoring accuracy

The Drawmer MC3.1 excels in its unerring ability to faithfully reproduce what you've recorded. Monitoring accuracy may seem like a no-brainer for the professional, but it's surprising how many recordings are made using compromised monitoring setups. And the results usually aren't pretty. Trust us, you'll make better-sounding recordings with the Drawmer MC3.1.

Drawmer MC3.1 Active Monitor Controller Features:

  • Drawmer's most comprehensive mix controller yet!
  • New tabletop design is compatible with any mix environment
  • Neutral sound encourages better mix decisions for stronger, quicker results
  • Even more full-featured than the MC2.1:
    • 5 inputs, including digital AES / S/PDIF and 1/8" aux
    • Audition audio through up to 3 sets of speakers at once, with or without a sub
    • Set and recall a listening level preset with the push of a switch
    • Toggle internal or external talkback mics
    • Cue mix support with 2 headphone outputs and level controls
    • Band Solo switches focus the highs, mids, or lows of your mix
  • Large Master Volume knob is comfortable in the hand
  • Robust knobs and switches are built for life
  • Mix Check section highlights deficiencies in your mix with Phase, Mono, and L-R Swap switches
  • Color-coded LEDs divide the MC3.1 into sections
  • Kensington security lock keeps your controller safe in shared environments

Arrive at better mixes faster with the Drawmer MC3.1 monitor controller!

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